Abba 943

This is the name of the shapeshifting creature who tried to assassinate Sandra Thorinsen with a Morgûl Blade on the day of her betrothal to Lord Metrobius. This creature had also appeared as an entertainer during Hecate’s Feast at the Winter Solstice Festival. Slain by her associates, this creature took on the form of a diminutive genderless humanoid covered in fine hair. The only other distinguishing feature is a tattoo “IX” beneath the left earlobe.

The corpse was ensorcelled by a Gentle Repose cast by Bardach the Beneficent, who also used his divine powers to question the dead body. In addition to speaking common, this being claims to worship a “great worm” named “Shy Hollowed” (or something similar). The body was donated to the Circle of Thentis for research purposes.

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