Amberlin of Salis

Unlike most mages, Amberlin of Salis possess a physique that most warriors would envy. In fact, this mage began his career as a swordsman before turning to the study of the arcane. Although of middling power, he distinguished himself for valour at the Siege of Ravelle and the Battle of Losimar Gap. Although he was decapitated by the vorpal blade of the Hidden General in the latter contest, he was successfully resurrected by grateful clerics of Isis.

Amberlin comes from a distinguished Salis family that traces its ancestry to the mage Ampersand, who was an associate of Ulafang the Great, Brock, Dram and other notable figures active three centuries ago. Ampersand founded a mage school in Salis that is still operated by senior members of the family.

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