Assassin’s Guilds

Although the activities of paid assassins are frowned upon, if not completely outlawed, there exist a few institutions that are bold enough to set themselves up as true guilds. Although the true location of these guilds are kept secret, anyone having business with the guilds in Cinnabar, Jeru or other Southron League cities can find their way to an appropriate representative.

It is important to differentiate these guild with death cults, like that of Kali, who will kill for a fee (or religious compulsion), or those who accept a fee to commit murder. Assassins are masters of disguise and are trained in the “one-stroke kill” unique to their discipline.

To secure permission to exist, a guild promises not to undertake any contracts within their host city (unless requested by the proper civic authorities). Therefore, the guild in Jeru would undertake a contract in any place other than that city.

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