Cities of the Southron League

The Southron League is a loose alliance of the trading cities that are found along the southern coast of the continent. Although the differences may be significant, each city is ruled by a council led by a chief magistrate (or two chief magistrates, as in the case of Agros, Chelkis and Pessig). Each city has its own hinterland and trading specialties.

Although competition between cities is fierce, it is confined to trading prominence and prestige rather than open combat (mostly). As well as common enemies, such as pirates and savage races, there is a fair amount of inter-marriage between the great trading houses, which solidifies the common bond between cities.

The last serious breech in relations between the cities of the League occurred over 80 years ago. Called the Serpentine War, this contest pitted merchants in Jeru, Nepenthe and Agros against their rivals in Salis, Nembrod and Pessig, with the other cities remaining neutral or, in the case of Chelkis and Pelos, having factions supporting both sides. Hostilities extended over seven years and mostly consisted of raids and piracy rather than large-scale battles.

To remain free of the predations of great wizards, monstrous creatures and such, each of the cities has a patron god. Although matters of faith are left to individuals (and religious disharmony hinders trade), the official cult of each city focuses on the patron god. At times, these gods let their wishes be known to the city leaders – and divine rivalries can sometimes have worldly consequences.

The cities are discussed in order from East to West.

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