Jeru(Patron God – Poseidon, Trading Specialties – Fur, Silver, Gold)

Although it is many generations past its glorious prime, the City of Jeru is still a force to be reckoned with within the League. Although they tend to make the city a target for adventurers and pirates, its famous mines produce fantastic wealth which are the main bulwark of its power.

Jeru is the original home of Lord Metrobius, a noted warrior who suppressed the notorious pirate league called the Children of the Kraken. The tales of his six-year campaign against the Children of the Kraken are legendary, filled with heroic deeds, perseverance against the stormy seas, and epic sea battles. Jeru is also the titular home of The Red Company, a famous mercenary unit.

The symbol of this city is a red Wyvern against a vertically split background of white and green.

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