The port city of Krimzan was settled by refugees who escaped the Sunken Kingdom as it sank many centuries ago. The earliest parts of the city, including the Citadel retain the architectural style dominant in the Kingdom, whitewashed brick and plaster, while the newer parts reflect the building styles that are often found elsewhere on the continent (wood and thatch).

The main citadel of the city is dominated by two towers, each named for the famed heroes, Graymalkin and Donalbain, who led the refugees to their new home. It should be noted that these two heroes had sworn their eternal enmity towards Ulafang, a former member of their knightly order, who betrayed the kingdom into the hands of the evil Morcar.

Although the descendants of the refugees are a minority among the total current population, they are cohesive and exercise the dominant power in the City. The Council of Nobles jointly rules in the absence of any successor to the Kingdom.

The city is reasonably prosperous but not wealthy. Many outsiders (and newer residents of the city) believe that the people of Krimzan have not moved past the memories of happier times. Public festivals celebrate past glories or condemn the memory of past evils, such as “the Scourging” – a three-day feast where the City is cleaned from top to bottom that culminates in a carnival where a great bonfire consumes the mock effigies of the Conspirators deemed responsible for the destruction of the Kingdom.

More energy and wealth is spent trying to relive these older times than developing trade or colonizing the interior opened up by the River Tam. The more adventurous (or ambitious) natives of Krimzan tend to venture to Cinnabar or to the Southron League rather than trying to change the stultifying cultural aspect of their city.

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