Nembrod(Patron God – Njord, Trading Specialties – Spices, Silk, Ships)

In addition to the trade in luxury goods, Nembrod is known for the quality of its ship building. Ships built in the city are known to be faster and more durable than others, even though the designs are often replicated elsewhere. Is it the local wood? The craftsmen? Or a special blessing of the old god?

As a city, Nembrod styles itself as the paragon of advanced virtues and civilization. The streets and harbour are well maintained and the public buildings and spaces are elegant and impressive. Inhabitants are required to maintain a certain standard of hygiene and appearance, with fines assessed to those who appear in untidy or worn out clothing.

Begging is strictly outlawed and it is a crime to be poor or homeless within the city (with exile being the most common punishment). Those entering Nembrod must show a personal wealth of at least 20 gold pieces before they are allowed to enter the city gates or disembark in the harbour.

The symbol of this city is a red tower against a background of blue waves and white sky.

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