Nepenthe(Patron God – Athena, Trading Specialties – Iron, Tin, Copper, Wine)

Almost a millennium old, Nepenthe is one of the newer cities in the League. It was established by the Paladin Metronius, Leader of the Golden Legion, with the intention of bringing law, justice and Athenian truth to the coast. It was funded by the Hoard of Sitheritimax, a powerful Green Dragon that held significant sway over the Iron Hills in the years prior to its death at the hands of the Paladin and his followers.

Nepenthe is known for its wine and spirituous liquors. The wine benefits from the unique micro-climate of the area, the positioning of the vineyards, and the superior techniques of harvesting and fermentation. The local culture points to the role of their patron goddess, with the thought that wine confers (and deprives) wisdom on the drinkers.

The symbol of this city is a Silver Owl against a sky-blue background.

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