Oldburgh(Patron God – Odin, Trading Specialties – Furs, Spices, Rice, Artisanal Goods)

Originally an outpost of Westmark, Oldburgh has grown into a major trading port in its own right. Like Thentis, the “old city” shows remnants of the Westmark architecture, including canals that are built off of the main channel of the Great River.

Although Oldburgh is a recognized maritime power, it has an uneasy relationship with the Lizardkin who live in the swampy areas of the Great River delta. As long as the Lizardkin keep to themselves, do not harass the trade going upriver and keep the peace with the inhabitants close to the city, the magnates of Oldburgh are content to live and let live. Some magnates have established trade relations with the Lizardkin while others believe that their extermination would improve the city’s wealth and security.

The City of Oldburgh is defended by a civilian militia supported by a cadre of professional soldiers and warriors. Although of a lower status than the merchant families, service as an officer within the militia can be an honourable profession for someone unlikely to inherit a family business or position. Recent skirmishes with the Lizardkin have tested the city’s defences but relations have been generally peaceful.

The symbol of this city is a grey tower against a green background.

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