The Hundred Hides

If the hobbits know the origin of this name for their lands, they certainly haven’t told. Some say it refers to the original hobbit families. Others say that it is a hobbit measure of land area. Yet others have concluded that, if there is an obscure and arcane point to be debated, the hobbits are the ones to be doing it.

The Hundred Hides is located on a western arm of the Great River, upstream of Thentis. There are many Hobbit villages nestled in the carefully cultivated pastoral setting of the Hundred Hides. The most prominent are located in an area known as “the Shire,” which includes the villages of Bywater, Underhill Crossing, and Buckton. Other villages include Tyfring, Colson Grove, Lutton Smials and Sharkey’s End.

While Hobbits are friendly to other civilized races, they tend to prefer the company of their own folk.

Hobbits are famous for the production of pipeweed, an herbaceous plant with a variety of properties. Famous strains include Old Toby, Eastleaf and Colburt Dark. Although pipeweed is grown in other places, most notably in Agros, the crop produced in the Hundred Hides is the best known for quality and flavour.

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