The Sunken Kingdom

A few generations after the magical disaster that sank it below the waves, the Sunken Kingdom became inhabited by a number of intelligent sea races who found the sunken cities and villages of this former archipelago attractive. The northern seamounts tend to be contested by Merpeople and Sahaguin while a race of Sea Elves control the southern reaches and the former capital (“such a beautiful wreck”).

The Sunken Kingdom is a popular source of bardic inspiration and myth. The madness of its last King, Hrothgar, the civil wars, the conspiracies of the evil wizards Morcar and his sister Morwen, the heroism of the famed Knights of the Realm, the infamy of the Devil Legion, and its final destructive cataclysm are a rich source for songs, fables, romances and legends. The Lay of Ulafang, for example, begins in these lands and deals with the conflict between the supporters of the King and the King’s malicious and sorcerous cousins. Dram’s Lament is also set on these isles in pre-cataclysm times.

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