Urkel(Patron God - Demeter, Trading Specialties – Wheat, Salt, Dyes, Olives)

In contrast to Moro, Urkel has a reputation as the most peaceable of the cities within the League. The magnates of the city would rather hire mercenaries, or contribute to the upkeep of other fleets, than to build their own warships or raise troops from within their own city walls. They are content to ignore the jeers of those who question the virility of the city while they count the gold pieces in their vaults.

A genteel and highly cultured city, Urkel maintains a small but robust community of sages, artists, dancers, poets and actors. Bards can always find a welcome audience here. Public celebrations follow the agricultural cycle feature many public spectacles that display local talents.

The symbol of this city is a golden sheaf of wheat against a slashed background of grey and blue.

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